JACOB BIJOU chose NOT TO GIVE UP as a trait for success:


It’s the lost inning. They’re down by two with three men on base. He gets up to bat and he is so nervous. He swings three times and strikes out. He lost the game for the team and he was devastated. All his teammates were angry at him. So he said to himself “I’m going to get it next time”. It happened again. He and his team were down one with two men on base. The ball was pitched to him and he smacked it out of the park. All his teammates celebrated and from that moment he never gave up again.


  1. Giving up isn’t an option in life. If you don’t give up you can accomplish a lot in life.

  2. The soldiers in Israel can still keep it up you see how us Jews care about 1 Jew since the 3 kids got murderd Israel didn’t give up because 1 Jew is a lot to us and I have cousins in the army I hope not 1 more soldier don’t get hurt and I pray that 1 don’t get hurt

  3. u can’t give up because what’s the point just keep trying and if you don’t sucsed and you worked hard then you will sucseed

  4. Never give up in life you have to keep trying and you will get it eventually

  5. Never give up because you will succeed if you don’t give up

  6. We should believe in yourself

  7. We should believe in your self and not give up

  8. Giving up is a bad thing. You’ll just feel bad on the inside. You won’t get better at anything by giving up. But by not giving up you gain depending on what it is

  9. Never give up on anything

  10. If you give up you won’t succeed and it won’t be good for you In life you gotta keep going and you’ll learn to stay positive and won’t give up

  11. Wow great story it’s very inspiring

  12. In order to achieve succes you can’t give up you have to take the failure to motivate you yourself the next time

  13. You should always stay focused when it comes to failing believe in yourself and you will succeed

  14. This story is very inspiring and will help me in the future to never give up

  15. This tells me that I will always succeed if I don’t give up

  16. I think not giving up is a good trait to have because if you keep trying at something you will get it eventually!

  17. That is a great trait it really helped me overcome problems

  18. When u give up ur not accomplishing anything in life. if u believe in yourself u could accomplish anything u want. Hashem is always there and he will help u . Never give up!!

  19. Very nice

  20. You should never give up like you hav told me thank you

  21. great answers

  22. Never give up because you never know if you tried just a little harder you might just succeed

  23. Wow this truely brought tears to my eyes

  24. You should never give up because if you give up once you’ll think its ok to give up always. Never give up because when you give up that you can’t, not that you can. Having the feeling of giving up is just a reason to try harder.

  25. When I was playing football I was running in for the tackle and I got hit really hard. I was hurt really bad. I thought I couldn’t get up but I did. I got up and say never give up. I ended up getting the winning touchdown of the game. My arm also ended up being sprained, but I diddn give up and that’s the important part.

  26. The message is about never giving up and keep trying

  27. You should never give up no matter what you do, because when you give up you never know what’s coming up ahead. You should always want to go forward so you can succeed.

  28. Amazing story,that’s so nice!

  29. Nice story very inspiring

  30. If you give up you are not going to get through your game.

  31. There are many things that I don’t give up in some are writing reading hair styling and more

  32. There are many things that I don’t give up in some are writing reading, hair styling and more

  33. keep up the good work jacob

  34. Great!

  35. Wow this is really inspiring

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