Eric Bouganim chose POSITIVE ATTITUDE as a trait for success:


To practice positive attitude you have to wake up and say this is going to be a great day.


Positive attitude will help you in the future because you will have more friends. You will succeed much more because if you don’t have positive attitude then your day will be miserable. From now on, since I’m a Bar Mitzvah, I wake up every morning with a smile on my face.


  1. Success comes with hard work

  2. i think being positive is very important

  3. Being positive is a good thing because if you be positive other people will be positive to you.
    When you are being positive other people will follow your footsteps which people will gain knowledge from.

  4. I was taking a hard exam and I was having a hard time but I had positive atitude and I ended up getting the highest grade

  5. it is important to have a positive attitude.

  6. It makes people feel better

  7. By being possotive the soldiers of isreal could fight against Gaza

  8. If u be positive you will teach people to be positive then everyone will try harder

  9. If your not positive you make other people feel bad or in a bad mood

  10. Positive attitude is good because when you want someone to be nice to you you should have a positive attitude and people like and respect you more

  11. I had a positive attitude on my ela test and I feel like I did a good job

  12. teamwork is very important in life because if you dont work together then you wont accomplish more things in life because you can’t do everything by your self .

  13. Having a positive attitude will get you far in life. People that are negative are not wanted around

  14. You have to be positive because If you be negative you will not achieve anything

  15. It is important to have a positive attitude than having a negative attitude why bec it is not nice to have a negotiable attitude

  16. Of course it’s important to have a positive attitude.it keeps u motivated with your head up high, it keeps you happy.its never to late to change your mood to positive,not only does it keep you happy, it keeps everyone happy.

  17. This is an important trait.

  18. If you be positive u won’t look at the downside and the bad things only the good

  19. Being positive is very important. If you’re positive you won’t be down and you’ll be able to figure out what must be done.

  20. It’s very important to have a positive attitude towards others and towards the whole world the more smily and fun u are the more others will learn to be

  21. Always be positive

  22. You should always be positive and never be mad at people and love the torah and your friends.

  23. Don’t let anything take you down just keep looking upwards

  24. This teaches people to have a positive attitude and to never give up

  25. Lawrence sultan & Alan Sassoon

    You really teach us how to be positive
    It worked when I took my test today

  26. i agree u will never succeed if u don’t try

  27. michael mosseri 6d

    i thought i wasnt going to make the team and then i realized that i was good and i felt positive of my chances of making the team and in the end i made it and i was very happy!

  28. a great day is made with a positive attitude

  29. you inspired me to wake up in the the morning with a smile and give my parents a big hug all because of you.

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