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Jack Tamir chose Overcoming Jealousy and Envy

If you become jealous of somebody, you’ll wish bad upon that person. And you will become not such a good person.

One time there was a boy who was selling toys in front of his house. he got the idea of selling toys from his older brother. He was selling and selling all day. Right when his dad came home, he went into the house and showed his dad how much money he made. His dad was saying 50 dollars? WOW!! His older brother heard what was going on downstairs. He got jealous and came downstairs. He showed the money he made to his dad and said look i made 80 dollars very quickly. The younger brother got mad because his older brother was spoiling it for him. And this started a big fight.

The lesson is that jealousy does not do any good. All it does is cause hurt. The presents of hashem leaves the house and theres no one watching over you to protect you and theres no blessing If you be jelous


  1. Great lesson Jack!!

  2. Dear Jack,
    I love the topic that you chose and what you wrote! It is so true, I am very impressed! Keep up the good work:)

  3. Very nice jack!!! I’m very proud of you. Great lesson!!!!

  4. U should never envy someone great example

  5. So very proud!! Great lesson

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