Key Character Traits for success – B

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POSITIVE ATTITUDE: At a party, someone stained your dress. At first, you were upset. But

then you quickly bounced back. Or losing a basketball game, getting a low mark on a test.

FINDING HAPPINESS IN THE SUCCESS OF OTHERS: Recognizing and praising others.
When a friend succeeds by getting a good mark or reward, or winning a game, you are happy for him.
Because you are not jealous, you aren’t afraid to hire people smarter than you.

TEAMWORK: In basketball, everyone wants to shoot the ball because it will put him in the
spotlight. When you get the ball, instead of shooting yourself, you pass it to your friend since he is a
better shooter.

LEADERSHIP: 1) Get to know your team members’ strengths. 2) Give the spotlight to the one who
is the most qualified. 3) Compliment talent that doesn’t draw attention.

HUMILITY: The true test of humility is how you treat people under you: younger siblings, maids, etc.
In business, you don’t boss people around, you listen to others’ ideas and you treat them with respect.

PATIENCE: Your younger brother doesn’t understand his homework. You explain it to him calmly
over and over again.

NOT BEING ARROGANT: Even though you are popular, when you interact with quiet kids,
you don’t act like you are above them.

ABILITY TO ACCEPT CRITICISM: When you are having difficulties in social life,
your friend says it’s because you don’t like to share. You accept it and try to change.

KNOWING HOW TO LISTEN: Not being the one who always dominates the conversation.
Letting others talk as well.

APPRECIATION: When your father comes home from work and you are in the middle of the
video game, you stop it and greet your father.

BEING FAIR: You have one computer at home. To be fair you let your younger sibling spend
15 minutes on computer, rather than taking a whole hour for yourself.

NOT BEING SELFISH: Not everything has to go your way.

BEING A GIVER: Spread the work, spread the wealth.

SHARING: When you bring a snack or toy, you share it with your friends.

BEING CONSIDERATE: At a buffet, there is a limited amount of your favorite candy. You take
one piece and leave the rest for others.

GETTING ALONG WITH SIBLINGS & CAMPERS: You are a light sleeper and your sister
needs the light on. Keeping a night light on, as a compromise, so it’s not too bright & not too dark.

HONESTY: You and a friend were playing cards. When your friend went to the bathroom, you saw
his cards, by mistake, and told him about it.

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