BOBBY MATALON chose TEAMWORK as a trait for success:


There was a kid named Abe. He wasn’t good at sports. He would get embarrassed every time he had to shoot the ball. One day the coach said to Abe, “Sorry, but I have to kick you off the team. You can’ hit a shot.” Abe was so embarrassed he started to cry. Abe’s friends used teamwork to help him out. Teamwork is best way to solve problems. If you need help, ask your friends and stay positive.


  1. one time i was playing basketball and we were losing by 11 in the 4th quarter with 2 minutes left. our team didn’t have so much teamwork until the 2 minutes. we caught up in the last minute and lost by 3 it was a crazy game. we lost, but it was still a great game and we had team work at the end.

  2. Daniel Bildirici

    Teamwork is the answer to win a game

  3. Daniel Bildirici

    Teamwork is the answer to win

  4. Team work is about playing together and having fun for the success of soldiers of isreal

  5. I really liked this story. It was very good cause teamwork is always the answer when you want to do something. I also liked it because it teaches you to work together

  6. In my school in gym class you gotta have team work to win

  7. Teamwork is good than if you mess up your friends can help

  8. Teamwork is the anwser of having fun

  9. Teamwork is good because you work together you will learn how to get along

  10. teamwork is good because you have friends on your side

  11. Teamwork is very important cause if someone dosent know how to do something and u have a group so u ask if they could help and do teamwork

  12. Teamwork is very important because you can’t do a big thing all by yourself and you’ll just become overwhelmed with yourself and it’s more fun

  13. Working together as a team can accomplish more than u ever imagined

  14. Working together as a team can accomplish more that we ever can imagine!!

  15. Team work is very important because you can’t expect for everything to be done yourself. When people are helping you, you have a better chance if things turning out better

  16. Teamwork can improve your friendship with other fellow piers

  17. It’s better to do something as a team than on your own so you can share your knowledge with everyone you’re with

  18. Teamwork will make your rich !

  19. Teamwork is in Hebrew “Ahdut” togetherness. Hashem wants his people to be together and united and this brings Holy Blessing down to us!

  20. You are right teamwork is very important it’s a good midah all the way, I’ve learned from you to always have a posotive atitude and if their is a person u knoe that isn’t on a team pick him and be his friend

  21. Teamwork is key!! Keep up the good work this story will inspire kids to do good and help others

  22. Hey thought that the paragraph was inspiring and we should all keep up the good teamwork. :}

  23. Teamwork is so essential to how we conduct ourself as klal yisrael as we know our famous statement, kol yisroel areyvim ze lazeh. Every member of Israel is responsible for one another.

  24. I chose teamwork too ,it’s amazing how you wrote it, it inspired me a lot and hopefully everyone should be inspired by you thank you.

  25. It is better do something as a team then alone, becuase you will acomplish more faster in a team

  26. Teamwork is an important path of success

  27. I think teamwork is important because teamwork helps you succeed in life it shows how much you care for other people and when you play basketball the most important thing is teamwork because no matter how good you are teamwork will always win.

  28. Teamwork is an important path of success because if you don’t have teamwork you will lose but if you do have teamwork ur on the road to winning an example is is if you are down by 20 in a basketball game and you have teamwork you have a chance to win. It can also help in the future because because a bunch is better than being alone and it can lead to success.

  29. Teamwork is about caring and Sharing just like in basketball people can’t win just by playing by there self they have to play as a team and not be so selfish.teamwork will help u to succeed because if your in a business and you can’t do everything your self you have to have other people to talk to you and help you in the business.

  30. This was great!

  31. Teamwork is the answer to sucess

    • Teamwork is very important in life . Teamwork brings the hidden talent out of each person, even the quiet and and shy people feel they have a say . You include them not because you feel bad its because you believe they have something good to offer .

  32. Teamwork is very important to have a good future. Great trait for success

  33. With teamwork, everything will be easier

  34. Team work is the key to a sucessful life , friendship , and buisness

  35. You are limited in the things you can do. Teamwork allows you to expand your limits.

  36. I love this story because the same exact thing happened to me!!! I was in this exact situation

  37. Great job teamwork is great

  38. Teamwork is important because u can get ideas from other people

  39. Awesome!!

  40. Working together as a team on any project is essential for a success!!

  41. Positive results are what follows when we work as a team

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